Welcome Message

Dear Conference Participants and Colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I would like to welcome you to the "2019 Antibody Therapeutics Conference: From Discovery to Development" being held in Courtyard by Marriott ( Nangang, Taipei, Taiwan) on Nov 7-8th , 2019. This is also the eighth Antibody Therapeutic Conference held in Taiwan.

The applications of antibody therapeutics remain a growing field today, especially in the treatment of cancers, immune-mediated diseases and infectious diseases, which all highlighting the critical pharmaceutical importance of antibody therapeutics. Particularly, immunotherapy including antibody-mediated tumor regression, checkpoint blockade, antibody drug conjugates (ADC) and adoptive cell therapy (ACT) acts as potential strategies to cure cancers.

This year the ATC conference focuses on understanding the antibody drug conjugates, cancer immune therapy and cell therapy, in which the meeting is organized to highlight recent insights into the complex roles of high potency drug precisely targeting cancer cells, immune components and pathways in controlling or alternatively promoting cancer and to showcase recent uses of checkpoint blocking strategies, modulation of tumor microenvironment, and adoptive cell therapeutics approaches, either as mono- or combinatorial therapies, that have resulted in durable, effective and safe therapeutic responses to an increasing number of cancer patients. The mission of our Antibody Therapeutics Conference is to provide an international forum for the field of antibody discovery, antibody engineering, antibody therapeutics development and commercialization. We aim to provide opportunities for the attendants to have good connections and to assist the training and advancement of students, postdoctoral fellows and other new members in the field, in part through sponsorship of international scientific meetings.

Last but not least, we hope the meeting stimulated cross talks between senior experts and young Scientists Working on antibody therapeutics. This meeting not only provides a forum for sharing your insightful research but also a great opportunity to network with your fellow professionals.

We hope this meeting will contribute to the advancement of the field of the antibody therapeutics and you will find this meeting an informative, constructive and inspiring experience.


Lawrence Gan, Ph.D.
Director of Taiwan Antibody Association;
President/CEO, Foresee Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.